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My name is Fallon, and I've been climbing since 2003. I competed in climbing from 2004 to 2016, and I've been coaching for 7 years now. I'm the Head Coach for the youth teams at Contact Climbing Gym in St George, UT, and I also coach adults privately and remotely.

I'm sponsored by Cypher Climbing, Hardwood Climbing, Hemp Best, and HILX.

I mostly climb outside, especially in the desert southwest and all the amazing crags in Utah. I have a degree in geology, which is a great complement to rock climbing! Coaching is a passion of mine and I'm so glad I can help others progress in their climbing.



Personalized, cooperative relationships to work on your climbing goals, for every level.


I write training plans to cater to your specific goals, target your weaknesses, and give you guidance for productive climbing sessions. Plans include custom workouts and drills I've developed over years of coaching, in addition to periodization options and links to prehab resources to keep you on the wall. Plans come with follow up support to see how it's working for you and modify the plan if needed.


I specialize in helping climbers overcome fear, mental blocks, ego, and other psychological barriers. I'll help you break down your thought processes, acknowledge your struggles, and work through strategies to help. Phone or video calls allow for more efficient progress in this area.

One or two day workshops are also available in St George, UT, where we work through the curriculum in my mental performance ebook while putting it all into practice at the crag.


I will give you constructive feedback on your movement patterns and technique. Watching you climb (through videos) helps me identify problem areas so we can adjust your training accordingly. I will explain different techniques for climbing movement, effective resting, and more. Video analysis will allow us to target areas where you need to focus, and help you learn visualization for climbing.



What People Are Saying

I keep chipping away at the massive content you delivered me, trying to engrain it. I hear your voice in my head saying to do this or do that, or not do something else. You are such a good teacher, such a great coach!

I had a goal of leading a 5.11a outside before the end of the year. I did it last Friday on a trip. It was so great to accomplish the goal - it was an onsight too.

But for your coaching and help, I don't think I would've progressed like I did. The way you explained things to me and helped me change was so helpful and satisfying. Thank you, Fallon!


I gained useful tools and techniques I've continued using on my own and seen a huge jump in progress. Fallon's coaching gave me a much more helpful perspective on facing my challenges than how I'd been thinking about it before working with her. The program was so thoughtfully tailored to work on the mindset I was struggling with - no cookie-cutter approach here.

The most valuable thing to my climbing practice was that we didn't just focus on the technical aspects of climbing, but really got to the root of my fears and concerns, developed tools to address them, and worked on putting all of that into practice. And it didn't end there. Fallon followed up with a program review I could (and do!) continually use as reference. She also followed up with me weeks later to check in and ask if I had any questions or anything I wanted to discuss. It felt really caring. 10/10 recommend working with Fallon!




Get in touch and find out more about how I can help you reach your climbing goals.

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